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The ultimate location based multi-user VR framework for Unity3D

The VR experience manager system

Univrse helps you to create any kind of large scale multi-user application (made with Unity3D) and to manage all its generic needs. Thanks to our robust and smart framework you can invest all your resources in what really matters: the design and development of your VR experience.


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Smart and powerful features

With our framework it literally takes 15 minutes to build a location based VR app which allows you to track and customize your users, load different contents and add behaviours like an elevator.

Univrse’s admin UI has an intuitive
and clear interface
which allows you to:

Track users and the current state of the application.
Load runtimes scenes and asset bundles
Change levels
Teleport users
Customize avatars (heads and bodies)
Activate triggers, events and state machines
Virtual and physical space mapping (users calibration)

We can also develop tailored features to fulfill your specific needs.

Univrse is already compatible with inside-out tracking devices like: Oculus Quest & Oculus Rift S.


With Univrse you can connect a new user at any moment or reconnect a device after a hardware crash without having to restart the application for all of the users.

Assets Loading

Sometimes you want to be able to switch between scenes or levels easily without having to leave the application. Univrse handles it for you by synchronizing the loaded assets among the server and the users.

Common Behaviours

A key element of our development is to identify the common needs of the multi user VR applications and to offer robust and intuitive solutions. Univrse provides several behaviours like simple (elevator) and complex (travelling), moving platforms, infinite worlds, avatar selector, toggle, events and state machines. Using our tools you can save hundreds of development hours.

Hardware Agnostic

The philosophy of Univrse is to be 100% hardware agnostic. When a new device rolls out, we test and integrate it in a way that if you decide to switch hardware your Univrse application will run smoothly.

Contact us if you have any questions, 
we will be happy to assist you.