Welcome to Univrse

The definitive solution for creating and managing the highest quality large scale multi-user VR experiences.

About Univrse

A professional tool capable of obtaining the utmost potential that shared Virtual Reality can offer.

It is said that in VR everything is about to be invented. Now, with Univrse, you can already invent it.

With our customised multi-user immersive experience you can create powerful large-scale virtual scenarios (up to 150m2). Remotely control and manage, in real time, all aspects of your own experience: scenarios, users, interactions…

With it’s unique features, Univrse provides tangible and innovative VR solutions to companies from any sector: marketing, industry, architecture, design, construction, events, culture, entertainment, education…

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Use Univrse to create:

  • VR presentations
  • Design review tools
  • Immersive training
  • Simulations
  • Collaborative work tools
  • Sales tools
  • Virtual demos
  • Branded experiences
  • Product experiences
  • Activations
  • Immersive gaming
  • Immersive experiences
  • Virtual escape rooms and many more.

The Univrse team can also develop, on demand, any kind of customised VR solution or VR experience.


We have created a tool for professionals, with specific features to fulfill its needs

Univrse’s core is a central experience manager application for:

  • Multi-user synchronization
  • Easy 3D content implementation
  • Most advanced high-end graphics on the market
  • Fully customizable avatars
  • Real-time content and scene management
  • Audio and chat features
  • Remote guiding tools and activation of interactive objects
  • Hand detection. No motion controllers needed

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In order to offer the best VR experience we work with the most advanced VR systems in the market

Univrse works with HTC Vive Pro, the most advanced, precise, scalable and cost-effective VR system

  • Large scale true-to-life positional tracking (up to 150 sq/m)
  • Fast and easy set up
    Hi-res headset
    3D spatial audio
  • Univrse also works with Leap Motion for hand tracking:
    • Accurate hand detection
    • No motion controllers needed
    • Natural and intuitive interactions